Selatria: Patch 1.26 Notes

We recently updated Selatria to Patch 1.26, that addressed some bugs reported previously. Download the Patch 1.26 installer and it'll reinstall the new version. Your save data should be unaffected by these changes.

Patch 1.26 Notes
[Fixed Issues]
• Certain instances where the incorrect battle music would play in the overworld was addressed.
• An issue where the player was not being charged for participating in the fishing minigame in Heiveir was addressed.
• Added a missing reward for the fishing minigame in Heiveir.
• Fixed an issue where certain enemies were triggering team attacks for the party.
• Fixed issues with the Uncharted Sea Bottles where players were obtaining items that did not exist.
• Fixed issues where monsters lifted party members off-screen indefinitely.


Selatria: Advent of the Dakk'rian Empire (Patch 1.26) 792 MB
Sep 29, 2018

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