Selatria: Patch 1.27 Notes

We recently updated Selatria to Patch 1.27, that addressed some bugs reported previously. Download the Patch 1.27 installer and it'll reinstall the new version. Your save data should be unaffected by these changes.


  •  The player can now press any key or button to skip the splash screen and go straight to the title screen.
  •  A notification pop-up  now appears and a new sound effect is heard when the Journal has been updated.
  • Opening or using the journal will automatically navigate to the newest entry.
  • New character and portrait graphics have been added.
  • New graphics have been added to the menu, map name, and battle screens.
  • The world map on the Overworld can now be opened and closed with the “Q” key.
  • New graphics have been added to the world map.
  • Quick Save functionality has been added. Quick Save can be accessed from the Options/Exit menu to quickly save at any time. Quick Save data will open on the Journal and will be deleted upon opening. It is recommended to still make use of the normal save gates for extended periods of play.
  • New locations have been added to the Overworld.
  • Shopkeeper is now guaranteed to appear in every scene regardless of player action or inaction.
  • Victory poses have been added for each party member after battle.
  • EXP earned after the battle is won is now shown using an animated fill bar.
  • Passive skills showing the party member’s traits have been added to the bottom of their ability list.
  • Special monsters have been moved from the Overworld to dungeon entrances.
  • The different purification spells have been merged into one single “Purify” and “Cleanse” spells that will clear status effects for different party members. 

[Fixed Issues]

  • Certain instances where the incorrect music would play in dungeons and cutscenes have been addressed.
  • Several key items are no longer marked as usable.
  • Various spelling and grammar issues and inconsistencies have been addressed.
  • Several cutscenes displaying incorrect graphics have been addressed.


Selatria: Advent of the Dakk'rian Empire (Patch 1.27) 831 MB
Apr 26, 2019

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